Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm Going to Make Millions With the Song I Just Made Up!

I am a songwriter.

Because my post yesterday was a bit depressing, I decided to cheer you all up today with a song I made up.  Joshua and I have sung it all day.  It's about our lovely yellow lab, Quincy.  Here it goes:  (sung to the tune of You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch)

You're a goofball, Mr. Quince.

You realllllly aaaaaarrrrre silllleeeee!

You are slobbery and so smelly;

You're disgusting and so vile, Mr. Quuuuiiiii-Iiince!

You keep away from me with your - nasty drool striiiiiiiiiiiing!
I know it's short. But it's all true. Plus, I think it's super catchy.

Update 3/5/11 - OK and so I just listened to the message after this guy's rendition of the Grinch song.  And with all due respect?  I think it's totally about the cartoon.  Just sayin'.


  1. He is sooo gorgeous! he would make a perfect mate for Tilly :-(

    Daft question but what is the black box on his collar??!

  2. I know, wouldn't he? Too bad he'd pass along all his stooooopid genes too.

    And the black box is for the electric fence we have. Keeps him in the yard. I'm surprised he gets how it works. But I guess if you get shocked enough, even the dumbest figure it out eventually. . .

  3. This is hilarious!! I think you may be on to something- and just about anyone with a dog would totally dig your song =-)

  4. I so love the second pic (with the tongue sticking out) perfect for the song.


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