Monday, August 2, 2010

Date and a Movie

Last night, Jamey and I actually had a real date night. I mean like a real real date night. Joshua went to spend the night at MiMi & PaPa's last night and we went for dinner and a movie. And just so you know, the last movie we actually went to the movie theater for was "The Passion of the Christ". On Good Friday. So that doesn't even count as a date movie.

We haven't been because honestly, there just haven't been many movies out that we thought "Oh gosh I can't wait till it comes out on video to see that". We have had two free passes since we closed on this house, courtesy of our lovely mortgage company. When I checked yesterday afternoon and saw that "Inception" was out, and that it was at the theater for where our tickets were from, I finally thought, "That's IT!" So we went.

When we did see "The Passion" on Good Friday however many years ago, it was a bit of a letdown. Not that the movie wasn't powerful, what was really sort of a let down were the people in the theater. Here we are watching Jesus get the stew beat out of him, hung on a cross and left to die a horrid death . . . and people were chatting on their cell phones. And eating snacks and stuff. And both Jamey and I thought "Really?" So that was what kept us from the theater. Or so I thought.

When we went last night, we were standing in line and I noticed the ticket prices. Regular prices were $10 a piece!!! I couldn't believe it. Twenty dollars just to walk in the door? I never realized movies had gotten quite so expensive. But we pressed on because we were on a date and at the movies (for free) and so it was pretty exciting.

Then while we were standing there, I said to Jamey, "Let's really go all out since the tickets were free and get popcorn and drinks and candy and all that good stuff." Jamey was game so we walk up to examine our choices. But because movie theaters are all so high tech now, the cost of everything "disappeared" to make room for advertising for a few minutes. Nachos, popcorn combos etc. I noticed a "large popcorn and two medium soda deal" and thought that was our best option, so I went over and asked the price. Can you believe it was $18.50!?!?!? I couldn't help it - I started laughing. The snack stand guy didn't find it amusing, so I apologized and told him we obviously hadn't been to a movie in quite some time. Um - we decided to skip the snacks.

We went in the theater and we couldn't believe how big it was. Like three different levels and it looked like the way they had built the seat, I wouldn't have to worry about someone tall sitting in front of me no matter where I sat! Jamey and I tried to scope out the best seats. We sat down and the chairs were amazing! I was worried I would fall asleep they were so comfortable! We even switched seats several times and acted silly because, face it, we just don't get out that much!

I was worried that the teenagers next to us would talk all the way through the movie (flashback to "The Passion") but they didn't thank goodness. And then the movie started and I wished I'd have brought earplugs because it was incredibly loud. But other than that, we really enjoyed the movie.

I thought briefly about doing that again, but then I realized that, unless someone else gives me free tickets, I probably won't. For one thing, the prices are really quite ridiculous. I don't know how people can afford movies. They are just too expensive. And I can make my own snacks at home. Or just eat a bunch of ice cream. I can wear my jammies. And I can pause the video if I have to go potty. (I know I am a mom of a four year old if I say potty instead of the restroom/ladies room).

But all that said, I really had a lovely time with my husband on our date night. Now if my hearing would just come back. . .