Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Old Rags and Tailors - Normal or Not Normal? THAT is the Question...

So a few days ago, I was texting back and forth with my friend Brenna.  Which is sort of funny, because she lives right down the street from me and we were both home, but I suppose it seemed like too much trouble to pick up the phone and call each other.  And why is that?  Why do people prefer texting now?  I don't get it, really, but I do the same thing as everybody else, and I don't really have a good answer for why I text over phoning.  But - I digress. 

I don't remember what the actual conversation was about.  I meant to save it, but I don't like having a bunch of extra junk on my phone, and I deleted it by accident.  And besides, you don't really have to know the whole gist of the conversation to get what it is I'm going to talk about.  Eventually.  When I get around to talking about it.  Jeez, I'm long winded today.


At the end of the conversation, Brenna mentioned something about ignoring the piles of laundry she had in her house.  (Which, of course, I think is quite smart, because who likes to do laundry when you can sit around watching movies with your kids and eat snacks all afternoon because it's a million degrees outside?  In JUNE.  The BEGINNING of JUNE.  Does not bode well.)  So she's saying she's going to ignore her laundry, and I texted her back something along the lines of this:

I don't blame you.  I am pretending my laundry is just a pile of old rags.  Because who folds up old rags anyway?


I hit the send button.  And I got nothing back from her. 

And then it happened.  I had one of those thoughts.  You know the ones.

Oh my lord.  What if everybody else folds up their rags?  What if I'm not normal?  What if she's sitting down at her house thinking to herself, "I cannot believe she doesn't fold up her old rags?  I bet her linen closet is a mess!  She probably doesn't even have a label maker."  (No.  I still don't have one.  But I still have half a year.  If you remember, it was one of my resolutions.  If you are wondering, I have broken a lot of these already.  I'm going to do a mid-year update on July 1.)

I am sure everybody has feelings like this from time to time.  Or even realizations that something they do in their own home is not the "norm" to others.  (And for goodness sake, if you do not have feelings like this, please do not tell me, because it will just further the evidence that Jamey will need to put me in one of those special hospitals.  And I'll only be able to come home on occasional weekends and holidays.)

It reminds me of a Friends episode I saw.  Let's see if I can find a clip.  Be back in a few minutes. . .

I'm back!  And oh yes.  I found it.  I LOVE this.  You must watch this.  (Click on the video right now.  You will not be disappointed.)

See?  But I suppose the moral to this is that I would rather be thought of as odd for not folding up old rags than for going to a tailor like Joey's.

One more thing before I go.  I will be out of pocket the next few days, because I am going to go seeeeeeeee, my BFF!!!  I leave tomorrow to go see Yvette!  I may do another interview with her, like we did when she was here last.  Because that was fun and entertaining.  For us.  I had to clarify that in case you didn't think it was fun and entertaining. 

Happy day folks!

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