Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Well CRAP. My Son Now Knows Chuck E. Cheese Is NOT a "Grown Up Restaurant".

Thanks to my neighbor, Angela, who's son had his birthday party there.

And yes.  I totally lied to Joshua about it.  He asked me once when we were driving by what Chuck E. Cheese was.  And I was all, like, "Oh that?  It's a restaurant.  For grownups."  And he was all like, "Oh."  End of story.  So I thought.

A few months ago, he asked me why PBS was sponsored by Chuck E. Cheese.  And why it always said, "Where a kid can be a kid."  It caught me off guard.  So I said it was a really lame advertising campaign.  Then I told him to go play.  And since Joshua doesn't even know what an advertising campaign is, he did, in fact, go play and dropped it.  Safe again.

Then we get the invitation to the party.

And I'm all like, "WHAT?  That's odd.  I guess I was wrong.  I guess kids can go there."  And Joshua asks, "Can I go?"  I am thinking as fast as I can, but since the invitation caught me off guard, I can't come up with anything.  So I'm all like, "Uh, yeah.  Sure."  Then I walk into the kitchen to beat my head against the wall and sob make myself a cup of coffee.

The day comes and we go, and of course he loves it.  And I'm commiserating with other moms about being there when another friend, Brenna tells me my next wonderful excuse not to frequent Chuck E. Cheese every single weekend.  She tells her own son that Chuck E. Cheese is only open for birthday parties.  Perfect.  Thank you Brenna - problem solved! 

And so guess where Joshua wants his next birthday party?

I leave you with the following - I posted it on Facebook.  Along with an update a couple of hours later:

Police are looking for two suspects who are currently driving a mini car containing thousands of coins and tickets. The worth of the coins and tickets are estimated to be a whopping $2.24, and redeemable only in one place, so motive is quite unclear. . .

The update: 

Suspects still being sought after. Owners of coins and tickets said to be, "very perplexed" over theft. Owners indicated that original amount of worth was exaggerated and that said coins and tickets are only worth about 62 cents. Police are truly stumped at motive behind the theft...

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