Saturday, February 25, 2012

If My Kid Ever Figures This Arrangement Out, I'm SCREWED.

I love my son so very much.

And I think I may have mentioned on here before that there really isn't a whole lot about him that I would change.  His desire to try new foods could be a little bit better.  If you are one of those moms who has a kid or kids who are super adventurous in their dietary habits, please do not comment.  Because you might have a raving  wenchbag at your doorstep after I read your comment I will be very unhappy with you.

I also have always wished he was a bit of a better sleeper than he is.  But since he started school, I must admit that his earlier rising is actually advantageous to us.  He is up in plenty of time to eat his breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth, etc etc without us having to rush around like lunatics to get him out the door on time.  But the weekends still come and then it can be a bit of a bummer.  Until recently. . .

Because guess what?  (Can you tell I'm gearing up here?  Can you tell I'm totally excited?  Can you tell I'm ready to sing Broadway tunes from my rooftop because I'm so ecstatic?  Can you tell I'm really just a little bit crazy in the head now?  Yes.  Me too.  Don't worry.  I'm not all that dangerous.  Unless you comment on your child's wonderful eating habits.  Then I might kill you.)  So anyway, guess WHAT?!?!?!?

Joshua has discovered the joys of being downstairs all by himself on the weekend mornings.


He now asks, no BEGS me every Friday night, "Mommy, can you and Daddy sleep in both days so I can be downstairs by myself?"  And I practically have to pinch myself while I look at him seriously.  I don't want him to see how absolutely giddy I am that he is requesting this.  So I continue to look at him seriously for a moment as though I am considering NOT letting him do this.  Because, Oh dear god, please don't ever let him catch on, I don't want to tip him off.  And then, after a few deep breathing exercises, I say as calmly as possible, "Well.  I suppose that would be OK."  I try to look a bit disappointed.  But not TOO disappointed, because then he will change his mind.  And then I kiss him goodnight, walk out of his room telling him I love him, shut his door. . .


And so is this post utterly ridiculous?  Yes.  Do I care?  Not really.  Because I slept in this morning.  And I'm sleeping in tomorrow too.  Bliss.

Happy Day, folks!


  1. If we ditched the dog you wouldn't even have to get out of bed. Just sayin...

  2. That is GREAT! You are TOO funny! Did I mention that we have to drag our 5-yr-old out of bed in the mornings? (Since I'm getting up at 5am every morning, it's the only alone time I get!) And it would be appropriate to brag on him just a little: he's such a GOOD little eater! Bahahahahahaa!

  3. That's wonderful. I'm new to the blog... how old is your son?
    As long as he's not getting into any trouble on his own, I definitely think this is celebration-post deserving!

  4. Hi Britt - Welcome and thanks for reading! He's 5 and a mess. But he comes by that honest, in case you couldn't tell from the blog. . . ;)


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