Saturday, February 4, 2012

Time to Pull Up My "Big Girl" Panties!

OK.  So you now know that my mom has pancreatic cancer.  Total suckage, right?

Yes.  Yes it is.  But you know what I realized a bit after I wrote that?  I realized that my mom is a great lady.  A truly great example of what it means to be a good person, friend, mom, wife (and the list goes on and on. . .)  And she's right here. 

My mom told her oncologist that she was going to "pull up her big girl panties", and do what she needs to do to live well with whatever time she has left.  I think she will do that with as much dignity, fun and class she can possibly muster up.  And good for her.  So I'm going to as well.  I might not have as much dignity or class, but I'll surely have some fun.  Because sick or not, my mom is a hoot and a half to be around.

So we joke quite a bit about her prognosis.  It makes it feel not quite so devastating.  We joke about her upcoming treatments, her hair falling out (I told her she should get a really long haired wig, because how much fun would it be to swing that around at 70 something?  Maybe even blond!), her lack of appetite. . .all of it.  Because what else can you really do?

That all said, I may still have sad posts on here from time to time.  I will update about my mom and her condition whenever I feel like it.  It may be not so much, or it may be every day.  But I hope when I look back, most of my posts are funny and joyous in sentiment.  Because that's how I want her time to be.

So mom?  It's time to RAISE SOME HELL!!!!  WOOT WOOT!!!!!


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  1. Hi, Carolyn, I'm a long time friend of your mom, that had lost touch many years ago. We had no idea how our lives had turned out and what was going on now. Thank goodness, to the electronic age, we found each other. I agree, your mother is one terrific lady, and I so admire her courage and humor as she faces the challenges ahead. I told her I would be her 'bad day' friend and that she can call, e-mail any time, to just blow of steam, vent, cry, or, whatever, I will be there for her. Also I promise you, I will walk by her side...every day, in my thoughts and prayers. No...I'm not getting morbid...just talkin. I would love to respond to some of your postings, If that is okay with you and wishing you and your family courage and strength through the wild ride ahead.



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