Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Let's Go Wyatt! (Also - Cancer SUCKS!)

OK, so here's the deal.

I've been doing a lot more funny posts recently.  I have really been enjoying doing them.  And I will continue to do quite a few funny posts.  However, there are some days where you really have to stop and take a minute and be serious.  I am sure that a bunch of my friends are laughing and waiting for the punchline.  But I'm totally serious here.

A year ago today, my friends, Justin and Mackenzie, got some news that would rock their world.  Their youngest son, their baby, Wyatt, was diagnosed with leukemia.  I will never forget when I found out.  I was totally shocked.  Wyatt had just been to my house the Sunday before his diagnosis with his brother, Jackson, and his sister, Ava.  The scary part?  He was fine.  Totally fine.  He looked, acted, and seemed to feel perfectly normal. 

Then just a few days later, his whole world became one big jerky disease called cancer. 

I know.  It's totally scary right?  Particularly if you are a parent.  I remember hugging Joshua quite hard in the days after Wyatt's diagnosis.  And praying two prayers.  One for Wyatt to get better, and fast.  And one totally selfish prayer to please, please, please not let my little boy fall to the same fate.   I felt/feel totally guilty praying that prayer.  But I am sure if the situation were reversed, and Mackenzie found herself telling her children that Joshua had the big "C" word, she'd be saying that same little prayer for her babies too.

Wyatt has spent the past year being poked, prodded, filled with drugs that could probably melt metal if you left it on there long enough, and getting a portacath etc etc.  And through it all, every time I have seen him, and every picture of him I see on Facebook, he's smiling through the whole thing.  His little face has been swollen with all the steroids, and yet he's still smiling.  He has gotten stuck with needle after needle after needle, and he's still smiling.  I get a hangnail, and I'm complaining bitterly about how much it hurts and looking for sympathy for weeks because of it. 

The kid is amazing.

So I am pleased to say that he's made it through the first year.  God is definitely looking out for him.  He's still got a ways to go.  But I wanted to talk about him today because he deserves as much praise and applause and cheers as possible for getting through this first year.  Let's Go Wyatt!

Happy day everyone!

PS - If you would like to make a donation to help make a dent in Wyatt's medical costs, please go here:  Let's Go Wyatt!  You can also "like" his Facebook page and keep up there as well.  Prayers and good thoughts are also always accepted.

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  1. Thanks Carolyn!! That was lovely. xo


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