Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Have an Idea Brewing. This Usually Means Trouble.

Sooooo, I haven't been online, because frankly, I haven't had inspiration hit me recently.  I've been waiting and waiting to come up with an idea, but nothing.

Then a series of events caused several thoughts to enter my head and swirl around.  And that is always dangerous.

The first thing that happened is that my husband called me yesterday to tell me that he had scored a couple of tickets to the Richmond Forum.  So on February 19th, I am going to get to go see. . . (drum roll)

Anderson Cooper!

In the flesh!  How exciting is that?

So that was event number one.

Event number two happened last night.  For some unknown reason to me (Looking for inspiration to write maybe?  No.  That's not right.), I got to looking back at some of my old blog posts.  (Oh, I know what it was.  It was boredom.  Because if I had better stuff to do, do you honestly think I'd be going back and reading stuff that I wrote myself?  No.  It's weird.)  And I came across the post from the day my BFF, Yvette, was leaving to go back home after her visit here in October.  And that was a really fun time.  We also did a kind of "interview" where I interviewed her and we pretended we had a talk show together, because we know that one day we will be discovered and get all famous and stuff. 

So I was reading that post and recalling our pseudo-interview and how fun it was and stuff.  And that's event number two.

And then the third event occurred.  I was reading one of my most favorite blogs The Bloggess.  And several things happened all at once and the events swirled together.  She had done a post a couple of weeks ago about two people who had contacted her to interview other people.  Like movie stars who like her blog.  And that post was so funny.  Let's see if I can find it.  Ah yes.  Here it is.  Read this:  And This is Exactly Why I Don't Trust PR People.  I loved this post. 

And when the events finished all swirling together I had it!  I thought it would be fun to interview people, say once a week on my blog!  (Or once a month.  Or if anyone ever wants to be interviewed.) Now you must note.  When I say I am going to interview you, my questions are going to be serious journalistic questions.  Thought provoking.  Hard hitting.  It's going to be FABULOUS.  So if you want to dare to be interviewed, let me know.  I'll formulate some questions, send them to you.  You answer them, send them back.  Then I'll write the rest of the post and send it back to you for approval before I post it to my blog.  Easy peasy.

I actually have sent out a series of questions to someone already.  I don't know whether or not they'll agree to the interview, but I hope they do.  I'll keep you posted on that front. . .

I'll also say that I'm interested in interviewing anybody, but I'm particularly interested in movie stars (because let's face it.  That would be a lot of fun).  Or other bloggers.  Or just regular people.  So let me know.

Happy day everybody!