Friday, September 16, 2011

This is How I Amuse Myself

So I have an eye appointment today. And I had to fill out my paperwork online. The following are some of the questions and my actual answers. It just lets me know if they are really reading the information that we provide them. Plus, I just like to amuse myself, because filling out forms can be excrutiatingly boring. . .


Requested: Routine Exam, 09/16/2011

To help Roxann make some money. And to get my eyes checked.
Comments: Roxann, you better not be late, because I have to be home to get my little boy off the school bus. If I'm late, I'm bringing him straight to your house and you can deal with the stress and anxiety while I go to Starbucks. Or a bar. And I don't know when I'll be back. Maybe by Tuesday.

Date Sent: 09/15/2011 1:08:41pm

Name: Mrs. Carolyn Y. Davidson

Nickname: "HRH Princess Carolyn"

Occupation/Grade: Domestic Goddess and Honest to Gosh Princess

Employer: Joshua

How did you find us? Friend or Relative, Referred by: My crazy father and mom Don and Louise Y. (need I say more?)

Last Eye Exam:  Look at my chart and it will tell you.

Do you have any allergies to medications?  Yes.  Allergic to:  SEVERE CT Dye allergy.  Don't ever give me that or I'll die.  Then I will proceed to haunt you forever for doing that.

Further explanation or more conditions: Itching and if I don't stay on allergy medicine, my eyes swell up, sometimes particularly after I eat. They look TERRIBLE.

I also have exercise induced asthma, so my parents don't think I should ever exercise again. I'm ignoring this bit of advice from them. Otherwise, I'd be as big as a house. . .

I didn't put any pyschiatric problems,although I think others would say that's debatable. Especially all the other voices in my head right now.


See?  Makes for much more interesting reading for my health care team.

Happy Day folks!


  1. If I were your eye doctor, I would totally try to make you my best friend after reading your chart.

  2. I know, right?

    My mother, however, thinks I'm just providing ammunition to my eye doctor if I in fact ever sue her. Something about me being "mentally unstable".

    Way to be *supportive* mom...

  3. That's perfect. I think I"ll start getting a bit more creative when filling in forms myself. At the moment all I do is lie about my age. . and it took me a LONG time to realise that I can do that. Go figure! Eg at the gym, I'm sooo much younger than in real life, it's excellent!

  4. Sooooo... did they mention anything?

  5. As a matter of fact, they called me Princess Carolyn the whole time I was there. The front desk girl said she showed my file to everybody (I assume that included the company lawyer - you know, for documentation purposes). AND when they called here yesterday to remind my husband of his appointment and I answered the phone? They *still* addressed me as Princess Carolyn.

    A girl could get used to that. . .


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