Friday, January 6, 2012

I Have No Idea What To Title This As. Just Read It. Then Make Suggestions. Thx.

This is a short, but rather necessary post.

I discovered, a while back, a lovely little feature on my blog site that I can look to see how people came to find my blog.  So for instance, if you were doing a search on "family blogs", you might see mine pop up along with 80 million other blogs.  If you click on my blog, it will take you to my blog, and then your key word search will also show up in my blog.  Make sense?  Maybe not, but I'm not going to try to explain it further because I'm just lazy that way getting ready to go get my kid off the school bus in just a little while.

I've had an increase in traffic (Yay!  And thank you!), and so I was curious about how people were finding me.  And I noticed a couple of, um. . .unusual searches people were doing to get to my blog.

There were two for "ransom notes".  Right.  So I know how people came to my blog site.  It was about the time that someone had stolen my mojo.  Remember that?  Right.  OK, but that is not the important question.  The question that begs to be asked (and answered) is:  why are people searching out "ransom notes"?  Are they wanting to draft one for some evil purpose?  Good grief, I surely hope not.  So if you were one of the ones researching ransom notes - SHAME ON YOU.  Unless it was for a gag.  Then - WAY TO GO!!!!

Then I also noticed one for "ransom note letters".  I am guessing that one of the two people looking for "ransom notes" didn't feel satisfied enough and had to go back and search for that.  And obviously, they are not all that intelligent, because they forgot they'd already clicked on my blog once, right?  (And if you are that person, and your ransom note is for evil purposes, I'm REALLY sorry I just said that.  Really.)

And then I can do nothing else but assume that yet another person who is related to the person who was doing the searches for "ransom notes" and "ransom note letters" did the next search.  It was:



BAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!  Happy Day folks!


  1. I am new here, I think I found you from a comment you wrote on The Bloggess, if I remember right. Something about your post title "Thank Goodness My Husband Doesn't Read My Blog." caught my eye, because i feel the same way with my own blog! Unfortunately (sadly) I am not the "ransom letter" or "xmas wishes for jail mate" person... but I kinda wish I was, it would make me way more interesting!

  2. Welcome new friend! Unless you are fooling me into thinking you are not the person who was doing all the "ransom note" searches and you are still upset with me for saying you aren't ingelligent. Then I just must say once again, "I'm REALLY sorry. Seriously." :)

  3. I was searching for ransom notes as I have kidnapped myself. I was hoping to find a letter written well enough to make me release myself as I have no money for ransom. The bad news is I do not give in to threats. Can you go to jail for kidnapping yourself? Thank God you can't for spelling and grammer.

  4. Dull Tack. I'm pretty sure you are going to go to jail for that. Kidnapping is kidnapping. You know?


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