Friday, December 3, 2010

I Am Not Stalking Andrew Peterson. I Just Really Like His Music.

I am standing in front of you shamefaced.  But only slightly.

If you remember, a week or two ago, I did a whole post on Andrew Peterson and the Behold The Lamb Of God tour.  And how I was just a little bit excited to see them, right?  So, OK.  I did it again.  I totally stalked AP and the entire BTLOG group.

But I couldn't help it.  It wasn't my fault.  So see, I did volunteer to give out t-shirts tonight, right?  But then Mickie, the lady in charge of coordinating all the volunteers made the fatal mistake of sending out an email the other night that said something about maybe needing some additional help unloading all of the group's equipment.  And she included me in that email.  And so what was I supposed to do?  AP certainly could not live without me there, helping, right?

So this morning, I am dropping Joshua off at preschool.  And I see their bus in front of the church.  And I get all giddy ex. . .I mean, JOSHUA gets all giddy excited.  Because there's a bus.  And I tell him that, that bus holds the man who sings Tractor Tractor.  And Joshua was unimpressed.  So I roll down the window and say, "Do you want to wave to the bus?  Wave to Mr. Peterson, Joshua."  And he does.  (Can you believe how completely and easily I used my very own child to try and get noticed by AP and his crew?  How sad is that?)

And so I practically push Joshua out of the car so that I can park and go help.  And I run over to where Mickie is.  And I'm all excited.  I think she immediately regretted her decision to send me that email when she saw how overexcited I was.  Oopsie.  Then I find out that AP didn't even see me and my adorable son waving hysterically out the window of our car in the car line, because although he was on the bus, he was busy.  Sleeping. 

So since Mickie knows she can't turn away volunteer help, no matter how unhelpful they may be, she takes me inside.  And we walk into the room where all the food is for the group and BEN SHIVE is sitting there.  He's an incredible musician.  And I try to act all casual, and then he looks at me and smiles and I swear I could have DIED.  And I can't speak.  I am sure Mickie was incredibly thankful for my momentary shyness.

So I hang out all morning unpacking t-shirts (and almost getting bitten by a black widow spider - YIKES!) and doing other tasks and then I finally see ANDREW PETERSON.  I couldn't believe it!  And I said HI!  And I got to SHAKE HIS HAND!  I seriously went into fan shock.  And later we WALKED BESIDE EACH OTHER.  He was getting ready to do a radio station phone interview and I hear him say something like "Hi is this Bob?"  And so I wittily say, "Oh say Hi to Bob for me."  And he even laughed and I was thrilled.

But could I leave it alone?  No, no.  No, I could not.  Because you know I shamelessly used my child again.  After Joshua got out of preschool, I practically dragged him over to where I knew the BTLOG group was hanging out and I point out AP to Joshua.  And I say, "Do you want to meet him?"  Thank goodness Joshua is only four and has no idea I'm using him.  He is also at the age where it is totally easy to get him to agree to do something.  So he says, "Yes."  We walk over and I say, "Say hi to Mr. Peterson."  And Joshua says, "Hi Mr. Peterson."  And then he clams up.  And I'm sweating.  And AP says, "Hi, What's your name?"  And I almost answer, "Carolyn", but then I realize he's talking to Joshua so I smartly shut my mouth.  And Joshua tells him his name.  And AP says Joshua has a cool coat.  And then I get smart again and think that I don't want AP to take out a restraining order on me before the concert tonight, because I really want to go.  So I tell Joshua to tell all the nice men "Merry Christmas" and he does and everyone says, "Merry Christmas" back to me, I mean to Joshua.  And we leave.

So I feel a little bad about using Joshua like that.  Don't. Judge. Me.  This group only comes around every other year.  I can be a bit of a groupie when they are around and shouldn't have to feel but so bad, right?  Sigh.  I wonder if he realizes I am using my son?  Probably.  I hope he doesn't hate me for it.  Surely he remembers what it is like to be starstruck, right?  No?  Crap.  I guess I can let go of the fantasy that as of today, I have been added to his Christmas card list.

Here's hoping I get in the door tonight. . .

Update:  12/06/10 - here is a picture of me and my stalkee.  Jason Gray is on the left.  Poor Andrew Peterson is on the right.  He looks totally uncomfortable.  I don't blame him. . .


  1. Hi Carolyn,

    This is your AP photographer. I just tried to send you your photo with AP... and it got returned to me, so I'm wondering how to get it to you?


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