Friday, December 17, 2010

My Heart Is Breaking

I don't know what I am going to write about this morning.  I am sad.  My neighbor, Jill, came over yesterday to inform me that their dog, Willa, was really not well.  Willa was the canine goodwill ambassador of our neighborhood.  When we first moved here, the first person I met was Jill.  The first dog I met was Willa.  She was a black lab, and truly one of the nicest, most loveliest dogs I've ever known.  I used to take care of Willa sometimes when the family was out of town.  In fact, I'd fight to get to take care of her.  I think lots of families did, because she was such a sweet easy dog to love.

Jill told me that I might want to go over there at some point yesterday to say goodbye.  She preferred I not bring my son, and I could understand that.  So last night, while Jamey was putting Joshua to bed, I went over and found Willa upstairs on her bed, and Jill was sitting with her.  She looked pitiful.  I loved on her and shed several tears.  Then I hugged Jill and practically ran from the house.  Jamey did the same as soon as he finished putting Joshua to bed.  And now she's gone. . .

I think later on, I might make some cookies or something to take over to Jill and her family.  I know it won't be all that helpful, or make things better.  But I just want them to know how much I feel for them.  How my heart aches for them.  It aches for me too.  I loved Willa like she was my own pup.  When I used to take care of her, I would often invite her to my house for a little while.  She would come over and I always kept a package of low fat pupperonis for her.  She would get one.  She'd walk around and sniff a little.  Sometimes she would stay for a little while, but more often than not, she would go to the door and want to go back to her house.  I'd walk her to the edge of our yard, check for traffic and then tell her to go ahead.  And I'd watch her walk back to her house to wait for her people.

In case you are wondering, she had a wonderful set of people.  No wonder she was so great.  Willa, have a safe journey.  Be a good girl, and play with our furry baby Harley till your people get there.  You'll have a great time.  I love you baby girl Willa, and I will miss you forever.

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