Monday, October 25, 2010

My Best Friend's Visit - Plus Our New Talk Show!!!!!

We had SO much fun this weekend!  I just can't say enough about how nice it is to have several days of girlie time with your best friend.  Ladies, if you haven't done a girlie weekend with your BFF in a while, schedule one! 

We did a lot of the normal - we went to the gym, we drank a lot of coffee, we ate a lot of coconut cake (oh boy was it good if I do say so myself!), we shopped and shopped.  Yvette was kind enough to spoil me with some new clothes and a cutie patootie pair of shoes, and hopefully I spoiled her with all the good food we ate.  We ate at The Boathouse - we got the crab cakes - and drank wine.  We also ate at Crab Louie's one night (I think we might both like seafood) and we drank wine there too.  The only bummer of the weekend for me was I did in fact, come down with a cold that has now taken up residence in my chest.  So I couldn't run with Yvette, who is training for a half marathon.  But I did ride my bike beside her.  Not my triathlon bike that wants to kill me.  I also have a hybrid bike that is fine for pleasure.  It is not trying to kill me.  So I didn't exert myself too much and get a nasty chest infection.  And I still got to spend time with her while she ran.  But it would have been nice to run instead.

Then yesterday my mom came over and the three of us headed back out to Charlottesville, because Yvette loves the mountains.  And we were going to go to Carter's Mountain to pick apples again, but then my mom had the brilliant idea to tour wineries instead.  We had such a good time!!!!  We got lots of pictures, including the three of us goofing it up and pretending to be tipsy (I swear we really weren't, but it was a hoot for others to watch us doing that I am sure) What a fun thing to do with your favorite women.  Then we went in to downtown Charlottesville and walked around and found a delicious place to eat.  Yvette and I got a chicken pot pie and mom got salmon wrapped in phyllo dough.  The food was awesome.  We split a dessert that was chocolate cake with chocolate mousse inside and had ice cream on top.  I just can't say enough about how fun yesterday was.

So now, just before we have to leave and I must return my BFF to the airport (BOO!  Come on.  Can't the radio tower's power get knocked out for a day or two or something?!?!?), we thought it would be fun to do kind of a joint post.  I'm going to interview her.  We will call this portion of today's post Coffee Talk.  Visualize, if you please, the two of us as though we are on a talk show.  We have a totally cute set and we are chatting with each other.  Kind of like Regis and Kelly.  But instead it's Carolyn and Yvette.  And we look totally cute and are completely famous and all of you tune in every day to watch, because, of course, we are very entertaining.  OK, here we go:

C - So Yvette, how was your time here in Richmond?

Y - Awesome!  It always goes too fast.  And I get jealous because I love Richmond and then I have to go back to crummy old Texas.  I  love your little family.  Even slobbery Quincy!

C- I hate Texas.  (Oopsie.  Probably shouldn't say that if I have any Texas readers.)   OK, I'll amend.  I love parts of Texas.  Specifically, your house, and all the donut shops, bakeries, and Starbucks.  And wineries too.

Y- That's right.

C- Any funny stories you would like to share specifically about our wine tours yesterday?

Y - Your mother is 73 going on 21.  Weezie rocks the house down!  Thank you for being DD yesterday.  We needed one.

C - To clarify.  I was the designated driver yesterday.  Weezie and Yvette had the good time. . .ha ha ha!  I liked the silly pictures we took but cannot share on the computer for fear it will damage your future career opportunities.  I swear that they were staged, but people could talk.  Booooo!  Oh and they had the most delicious, and artery clearing Olive Oil ever at Barboursville Vineyards.  I ate 27 of those crackers, and acted like I was just trying it the first time each time I went back for another.  Oh and I like my Barry White voice.  Totally hot.

Y - Yeah, you sounded pretty sexy this weekend.  We got a lot of free stuff cos of your voice.  Speaking of hot.  How was that dude who was serving us at the vineyard?

C - (speaking in her Barry White voice)  Ooooooh yeeeeahhhhh.

Y - I wonder if my spouse remembered that we have a dog?  And that he needed to be let out and fed occasionally while I was gone?  I hope that I don't come home and find a very skinny, dehydrated, or worse yet, a dead dog.  No he's not that bad.  He is an absent-minded professor, but really not that bad!!!

C - Ha ha!  Mark, you know we are just kidding you (Keep in mind folks, you are looking at us on TV here.  Isn't the set cool?  Aren't we so stylish and cute?  And our coffee is soooo good.)  Here, have a piece of chocolate.

Y - OK, now down to business, enough talk about us.  Let's talk entertainment news. . .  How about David and Courtney separating?

C - I know.  Totally sad.  But seriously.  She has one child.  Did she really need her husband to be another one?

Y - Yeah.  And her hit show Cougartown has enough hotties for her to pick from instead.  She is bringing home the bacon after all.

C - Plus he cheated on her, right?

Y - Yeah, what's up with that?  That Jasmine girl.

C - Is she young and super pretty?  I don't know how you can get much better than Courtney?

Y - Oh yeah, she's a young and upcoming waitress.  Who has slept with several celebrities - that's according to my number one source, In Touch magazine.

C - Oh.  Yes, let's see.  Courtney - super successful, hot, mother of his child.  Jasmine - pretty, waitress, hobag.  I don't see it.

Y - Exactly.  Does it ever make sense?

C - Certainly not in this case.

Y - I'm personally in it for Ben Affleck and my girl, Jennifer Garner to make the long haul.  She's a badass and gorgeous.  She and I are totally tight.  We hang out on the weekends. 

C - Yes, but I'm still your BFF.

Y - Always, girlfriend.

C - Speaking of hanging out.  Curtis Stone is coming to cook me and Jamey and Joshua dinner tomorrow.

Y - Can we crash?

C - Yes.  I need someone to carry a napkin under my chin to catch the drool. 

Y - Is that from the food or from Curtis?  And I'll be there to support you, baby girl.

C - Oh me.  She's channelling Ricky Bobby.

Y - Shake and Bake, baby.  SHAKE. AND. BAKE.

C - OK, so we need to move on.  The camera guy is now wildly gesturing it's time for commercial break.  On today's show, we will have our cool-ass buddy, Joel Burns and his husband, JD. 

Y - Also today, my totally favorite Hollywood hottie, George Clooney!!!!!

C - Pucker up, Georgie!!!

Y - Honey, I might be super late coming home today. . .

C - And although it's a little bit of a blast from a past movie. . .Ewan McGregor has agreed to come on and serenade me with "Your Song" from Moulin Rouge.  Honey.  I may never be home today.  Just kidding.  Sigh.

(Applause sign lights up.  C & Y are laughing hysterically and applying lots of lipgloss.)

This was fun.  I will totally miss my BFF.  I look forward to more joint blogging and feeding into our fantasy of having our own talk show.  If you all want, I'll start a petition that you all can sign and we'll send it to Hollywood to try and get our own show.  I can't wait to see her again.  Love you big, girl!!!!

Have a great day everybody!


  1. Youse guys are adorable! And very stylish.

  2. this is Jamey speaking- very cute blog... you two are the best.

  3. I won't be 73 until January!

  4. I love this blog post. Who is that Caroly and Yvette? They sound like they need their own talk show! Weezie rocks. Love my BFF.

  5. Awesome....very entertaining. Make sure the show is on during the day...before 2pm central (TEXAS time, you know) so I can watch it.

    PS: I miss Virgina too. Texas is ok and has some great points but it's too freakin' hot down here! Dummy me married a Texas boy that won't leave "home". Oh well. the show. Can wait to see all your cute outfits and shoes each day! lol

    -kim lemaster


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