Saturday, September 18, 2010

Post Book Letdown

I am all done writing my book. And now I'm bored. And depressed.

First of all, my two loyal followers, I still only have two loyal followers. And you seem to be the only ones who reads my blog. So I'm just wondering if I were to get lucky enough to get my book published somehow, would you be the only two people who read it?

Also, I went out and started looking at how publishing works. And it's confusing. I don't understand half of what they are saying. They talk about ISDN numbers and you can buy that yourself, and someone else says they will buy it for you and blah blah blah. All the technical stuff bogs me down. So I could try to get an agent, but that seems to be hard and you can get a shady person who just takes your money and they don't really do anything. Obviously, I am definitely not going that route!

You can also self publish. But I can't imagine you would be able to get a bunch of people to read your book that way. If I can't get people to read my blog, let alone my book, then how am I going to sell the movie rights and have Sandra Bullock star in the movie? And then she and I won't get to start hanging out together and I won't be able to help her with Louis. That just totally bums me out.

I think I am also a little sad that I actually finished it. I was really having a fun time writing it, and now it's all done. And yes, I have this blog (thank goodness) and although it's really just for me, it would be nice to have other people want to share it with. But at least I have you two. Right?

I know this post is totally depressing, so don't leave me. I need the faithful two! ;o)

I think what I need is to have someone else who is better at interpreting technical writing, and who also happens to be good at sort of laying out all the options to find the best possible option, be the one to look out there for me. I know who this person is. It's Jamey. My hubby. But he is busy with work right now. So I am not sure how much time he would have to dedicate to this venture. But maybe I will talk with him.

I was hoping this post would turn into something good and uplifting. Not happening yet, huh?

OK, let's seeeeee. . .thinking positive. Thinking positive. Nope. Not happening today. I guess they can't all be good days, even on a fun blog. Tomorrow will be better.


  1. I would totally buy your book- and even host a signing party!!

  2. I know it's scary but just keep plugging along. You'll figure it all out. Maybe a professor at a local college can be of some help? I'm not sure. You'll allowed to be alittle down sometimes......we don't leave you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    --kim lemaster

  3. ebeth here: If I could read it or just know a little more about it- story, characters, etc, I would have more to say. And maybe some help, too. I'm the first one to hold back on my own writing because I wonder if any one will like it, much less get it.
    Just like in other things we do, support is a great definer in what we do and where we go. I still think a writer's group would be a good thing. Once a month to read and critique and encourage in all areas. Just sayin';


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