Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Running Today = Scaredy Cat

I am running for the first time today in two weeks. I don't want to go. I have three reasons for this.

The one, most obvious reason, is that I haven't run in two weeks. Makes sense, right? We went to the beach two weeks ago. I ran once down there. And you can't blame me, because we were on vacation. And for those of you who run and exercise all the time even when you go on vacation, I think you are crazy. Just sayin'. For the record.

Then after we got home, I knew I was close to finishing my book. And I didn't do anything but write and cook meals and take Jman to and from school. In fact, yesterday I looked in the cabinets and realized I had absolutely not one thing to make for dinner. So off to the store I finally went yesterday. All I can say is I am thankful that Jamey didn't give me a hard time, cos he sure had reason to!

The second reason is my foot is hurting again. I hate running injuries. And this one is quite a little dickens to figure out. Seems that I have a problem with new running shoes. Any new running shoes. So I wonder if I will be stuck wearing my old ones forever. . . I just bought a pair, but every time I wear them, I get the same pain in my foot. So then I switch to the old ones and the cycle continues like that for about forever. It is quite frustrating, actually. I need to make an appointment to see my sports medicine doctor. Of course, it would be helpful if I did my stretches for my foot on a regular basis. (Don't judge me!!!!)

The third reason is that, frankly, I get lazy. I go through cycles allllllll the time with exercise. I will do well for a while. Then I fall off the wagon. Then I do well. Then I get hurt. Then I don't for a while. Then I get better. Then I try again. And hence another cycle. I totally blame my parents for this. (But I still love you both!) The reason I blame them is because they didn't really do any exercise on a regular basis. So I never had that demonstrated for me. And so now I struggle with it too. But I want to be at least a better example for Jman. I figure if he at least sees me trying, and then he sees Jamey actually exercising regularly, then he will be the better for it. But lest they think I don't love them, other than this one little teency thing, my parents were/are perfect. (I have to say things like this or I might not get invited over for a mommy weekend. And isn't it about time Mom and Daddy???????)

So there are my three reasons. But after I drop Joshua off at school, I'll come home and procrastinate for just a little while. Then I'll go suffer through it and pray my foot doesn't hurt in my old shoes. Because I know it's good for me. Plus, eating four times at the Bad Bean Taqueria while we were at the beach, and the ice cream we eat every night is really showing on me now!

UPDATE: 11:20am - I did just what I said I'd do. I procrastinated, then I ran. Foot felt good. Stretching now. Will be sore and tired by tonight. Repeat tomorrow. . .


  1. well, as usual, i have an answer for you. what we need is a little trip over to saxons shoes.. perhaps several new pairs of nice, stylin shoes will do the trick. you know, shoe rotation. that kind of thing......

  2. I like your way of thinking Susan! Plus, they will be much cuter, and go with more stuff than just gym clothes. . .


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