Thursday, September 23, 2010

And the winner is. . .

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And now, hello! 

If you could only eat one dessert in the whole wide world, what would it be?  I know what mine would be.  But first I think I'll talk about some of my favorite desserts.  You know, right before I go workout.  Have I mentioned that I am a bit sore from my run the other day?  Sigh.

One of my all time favorite desserts is chocolate lava cake.  I had my first one in a restaurant somewhere.  And I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.  I love the yummy liquidy center.  And then low and behold, one day I got a little magazine in the mail and it happened to have a recipe for chocolate lava cakes.  This was pre-Jman, so of course, as soon as I'd gotten home from work and saw the beautiful, beautiful recipe in that magazine, I turned right around and went to the store and bought the ingredients and made them that very night.  Jamey is a chocoholic, so I knew he'd like them. 

They were much easier to make than I thought.  In fact, I've seen some recipes since then that are much more difficult.  As in, you have to make something and put it in the center of the batter, etc.  My recipe doesn't call for that.  I like it much better.  Anyway, I made them and we each ate one and once again, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.  Then I looked.  A serving was supposed to be half of a cake.  How in the world are you supposed to split one?  The center will spill out and then someone will have lots of gooey center and the other person will just get cake.  Not fair.  Plus, they are small.  So come on people.  No way half of one is  a serving.  (I wonder why I struggle with keeping weight off?)  But they were delicious and I love making them.

I also love creme brulee.  Again, I got one at a restaurant and fell in love.  I love the crunchy sugar on the top and then the creamy yummy custard.  It's not one of Jamey's favorites, so when I don't want to share dessert with him, I will get this when we're out.  Oopsie.  Forgot you didn't like creme brulee, honey.

I also like making homemade puddings and homemade cream puffs.  These are some of my dad's favorites, so when he and my mom come over, I make them sometimes.  I thought cream puffs would be hard to make, but they really aren't.  And homemade banana pudding?  Oh man oh man oh man.  Delish.

My favorite Christmas dessert is a cookie called Rhozki.  Also known as horn cookies, because they are shaped kind of like crescent horns.  They are kind of like a pastry with a nut, sugar, and egg white filling in the middle.  I made them one time when Jamey and I had first started dating.  Mind you, these cookies take TWO DAYS to make.  TWO days.  I absolutely slaved over them.  I also made chocolate chip cookies.  Jamey came to my apartment and saw the chocolate chip cookies and ate one immediately.  Then I said, "You have to try one of these."  He did.  I got the big, "Um, it's okay."  ExCUSE me?  Then he said, "There's no chocolate in them."  I was so exasperated.  But I gamely asked, "What are your favorite kinds of cookies then?"  His response was, "Chocolate chip."  I said, "Besides chocolate chip?"  Are you ready for his answer?  Get ready.  Here it comes. . .  "Well, I also like the ones with m&m's in them."    I'm sorry.  THAT'S JUST A CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE WITH A CANDY COATING.

Ahem.  So sorry for my outburst just then.  Let's move on. 

But if I could only choose one dessert in the whole wide world to ever eat again?  Hands down winner - ice cream.  Because if you can have ice cream, you can have almost any other dessert in the world.  You can have cookies when you have cookies and cream ice cream or cookie dough ice cream.  You can have cake because there is birthday cake flavored ice cream.  You can have key lime pie ice cream (I love key lime pie).  You can have just about any other sweet treat imaginable, because if it's good, they figure out a way how to make it into ice cream.  Or coffee creamer. 

So there you have it.  Ice cream is the winner.  What's YOUR one dessert for the rest of your life?


  1. Hello Mrs!!
    My fave pudding is baileys cheesecake! Yum!!!
    or is it pavlova, or banoffee pie, or trifle, or tiramisu,or sticky toffee pudding, or summer pudding or actually ANY pudding at all really!!!!
    Unlike Jamey tho i dont like chocolate puddings! As far as i am concerned i think chocolate should just be eaten as chocolate lol!!!!

    Karen xxx

  2. did you know that sweet frog is getting ready to open a location at westchester commons? i am all over that.
    as for all that baking and fanciness, not for me. like to eat it, not make it. our family favorite is cherry crunch: stick of butter, cake mix and cherry pie filling. easy and good.
    however, any time you want to try out some of your new recipes on me, you know my number.....

  3. Posting a comment. Love, Mom

  4. Now you've gone and made me hungry!! I love ice cream sandwiches or DD Boston Creme donuts. I'm not the best in the kitchen making fancy things- just simple things....

    As far as comments go- anyone who has a Gmail account can leave a comment- and if you don't, you can make a comment under "Anonymous." If you want, you can moderate the comments- and only post the ones you approve.


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