Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Carolyn - the Racing Lunatic!

Sorry I ditched you all yesterday. It was really a crazy weekend what with the marathon and all, and it kind of spilled over into yesterday. I wanted to write, both a blog entry and on my book, but my day got filled up very quickly.

And speaking of marathons, I have to laugh because right after the marathon, Jamey said, "Well, I can check that off my list now.  I'll never do another one."  And I've been there.  Said that too.  But I also knew what would come later, so I waited.  Patiently.  And sure enough, this morning, Jamey said as he turned away from me to go downstairs, "OK, so I want to do it again."  Or something like that.  Point is. . .he has been bitten by the marathon bug. 

I also think I am feeling the need for a mommy weekend.  Sweetie, if you are reading this, look at your schedule.  Mom and Daddy, get ready! 

So I have been watching for my husband's pictures to come available for viewing on the Brightroom website.  You know, they take pictures of you killing yourself while you are running, and then they post them for everybody to see.  They aren't available for viewing yet for this year, but I was checking for the billionth time this morning, and saw that they still have last year's pictures up.  I ran the half marathon last year.  So I thought, huh.  I think I'll go back and look at those again.

Wow.  I look really, really ridiculous.  First of all, my outfit choice was not pretty.  At all.  Second, my hair is short and looks really horrible in all the pictures, particularly since I didn't do anything to it when I rolled out of bed early that morning.  Lastly, and I remember this quite clearly, every time I saw a photographer, I started waving my arms around and yelling at them to take a picture of me.  And they did.  As I was waving my arms around and yelling like a lunatic.  And so that's what my photos look like exactly.  Don't believe me?  Well even though I am embarrassing myself horribly by doing this, here is the link. . .Brightroom - Carolyn Davidson aka Total Lunatic


So I have learned some very valuable lessons as I commit myself to running in the marathon next November. 

1.  I will buy a really cute outfit to wear for this marathon.  I want to look stylish when I am running this time.  (Honey, be prepared to break out the checkbook.)

2.  I will grow my hair like crazy so that hopefully by this time next year, I can wear my hair in a cute pony tail.  To all my girlfriends - if I talk about cutting my hair off, please use the following code words:  doofus hair.  It will remind me of my goal to have nice pictures for the marathon.

3.  I will NOT, I repeat:  I WILL NOT go crazy every time I see a Brightroom photographer guy.  Because I don't want to look like a crazy person in all my marathon pictures.  I will smile serenely at the cameras.  I will do everything I can to look cute and not like a total bafoon.

No wonder I never order race pictures of myself. 

Have a great day everybody.  (smiling serenely)

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