Saturday, November 13, 2010

Short Post Today - My Husband Rocks!

My husband ROCKS.  He finished his marathon in 4:14:34!  Way to go Jamey!!!!

I may have done permanent damage to my vocal chords.  Oopsie.  My throat is raw from yelling!

A big thanks to my friend Rachel who came around with me to all the stops.  You rock too girlfriend!

We are all pooped.  Jamey from the marathon, me from the stress of running all over creation and stressing out whether I missed him at each stop (except the first one, and no, I didn't miss him at any of them), and Joshua because he woke up at 5:50 this morning.  He was at MiMi & PaPa's.  Ugh.  That makes me hate Daylights Savings Time.  I swear I could run for President of the United States and have that one thing as my "issue" that I would fix.  And every single parent of young children would vote for me and I'd win.  And I'd fix that, and then I would not do anything else the rest of the time I was in office except go to great parties and wear lots of cool clothes. 

Jamey is walking around like he is a little old man.  He just came through the kitchen, and he said he was afraid of the next several days.  That he has pains he didn't know could exist.  And since I've been there, I told him that he should be afraid of the next several days.  He should be very, very afraid. . .

So now I'm all jonesing to run next year.  I plan on it.  But don't hold me to it or anything.  You never know about injuries or who knows what else.  But I really hope to be out there to do another marathon.  I miss that feeling of accomplishment in running that long. 

But it's true.  My man ROCKS!  Yay Jamey!

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  1. Woo-hoo!! I'm totally certain that Jamey did so well because he had YOU cheering him along!! And if you run next year, I just may come and cheer you along!


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