Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Brush with a SUPER Cool Musician

Real quick before we get into today's post. . .I checked out Jamey's pictures last night from the marathon.  Brightroom finally made them available.  Unfortunately, Joshua is doomed to look like a goof in all his race pictures if he so chooses to go that route.  Because Jamey's holding up his arms in the pictures.  He's not waving them around wildly like I do, but still.  So, I apologize to you, Joshua, for your "look like a dork" picture gene.  Sorry sweetie.

OK, and so now I have a confession to make. . .

Don't judge me.

It's close enough.

I am listening to Christmas music already. . .

It was an accident, I swear!  I was on Facebook the other day, and my favorite Christian artist, Andrew Peterson, had put a player up that plays his CD Behold the Lamb of God.  It is one of the most beautiful Cd's I've ever heard.  It pretty much sums up the bible from Genesis, all the way up to the birth of Jesus.  Just so you know, my personal favorite tracks are (well all of them, but a few of them just really get to me):  Gather Round Ye Children Come, Matthew Begats (just fun), Labor of Love (how I really imagine it was for Mary), Behold the Lamb of God, and The Theme of My Song/Reprise.  I recognize that's an awful lot, but I just love those tracks.

I am also super excited because he is coming to our church, Bon Air Baptist Church, on Friday December 3rd.  Jamey and I are going - of course.  It is an amazing concert.  For all my local friends, I implore you to buy tickets.  If you need me to get them for you, just let me know.  They are $10 a piece. 

I have to laugh because when AP came two years ago, I was picking Joshua up from preschool that afternoon.  I saw the tour bus and I did something very naughty.  I immediately reverted into stalker mode.  And made my son follow me.  Again. . . Don't. Judge. Me.  I surely did.  I went to the gym where they hold the concert, and I first found Jill Phillips,who sings the Labor of Love song (just brilliantly), so I stalked her.  She was very nice.  Thank goodness.  I think it might have had to do with the fact that I was holding Joshua in front of me like a shield.  And I told her how amazing I thought she was.  She thanked me, and I then tried to discreetly look around to see if I could see AP.  I am sure my craning neck had her wondering if I had a strange tic of some sort. 

Alas, he was not in there.  So, defeated, Joshua and I walked out and were just getting ready to leave when  saw him.  At the other end of the church.  So what do you think I did?  I know what you are thinking.  And you would be exactly right.

I started yelling.  Loudly.  And I picked up Joshua and started running through the church after AP.  And I'm yelling, "Mr. Peterson!  Mr. Peterson!!!!"  (you know, to show my respect for him).  If you can try to imagine how my voices sounds, it was very high-pitched and shriekish.  And I turned the corner and I could hear him going up the stairwell of the church.  Do you think that stopped me?  Of course not.  Still calling after him, I cornered him in that stairwell.  And he saw me and my, by now probably traumatized, son, and he stopped.  IN THE STAIRWELL.  And SAT DOWN

And then I used Joshua.  Totally - because I didn't want AP to think I was a lunatic.  And what I told him was actually true anyway.  AP also has a very cute children's CD out called Slugs and Bugs and Lullabies.  That's the CD that I told you all about that I listened to for like 3 years or something with Joshua.  And Joshua's favorite song on it is Tractor Tractor.  And I told AP that Joshua was a big fan of his and that we listened to Slugs and Bugs all the time.  And then AP asked Joshua (wow he was talking to us!) what Joshua's favorite song was.  And Joshua clammed up.  And AP said, "I bet I can guess."  And then he started singing Tractor Tractor in the stairwell!  To me!  I mean to my son!!!!  It was very cool.  And I told him that Jamey and I were big fans too.  Because we are.  And he thanked me and I told him I'd let him be now, and Joshua and I practically skipped out of church.

I didn't actually let him be though.  I did ask for his autograph that night.  I asked him to make it out to Joshua.  And now that autograph is in Joshua's baby book.  A nice memory for him when he's older.  Or terrifying nightmare.  That has yet to work itself out. 

Oh, and a fun note about Slugs and Bugs.  They now also have a Christmas CD out.  It's called A Slugs and Bugs Christmas.  I can't wait to get it.  I have no doubt it will be very entertaining.

In case you are wondering, I am not putting all these links and stuff in because I am getting a cut of their sales or anything.  I am putting them in because I know how good they are.  I want to share how good they are with you all.

And so yes, I am listening to Christmas music.  See?  I didn't even put it in teency weency type this time.  I hope you all will take some time to listen to these amazing artists. 

Have a good day!

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  1. That is really cool- all of it!! I would totally use either of my kids to talk to someone famous- that's why God made kids so cute!! I'm going to have to look into that CD you mentioned.... For Alden, of course....


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