Monday, November 29, 2010

I Just LOVE Good Deeds. Don't You?

I apologize for being away for so long.  It was busy leading up to and over the Thanksgiving weekend.  But I am back now, and I can't wait to write my blog today.

I was thinking all weekend about my "Thankful" list.  And I realized that I didn't put something else on there.  The way I got to it was thinking about good deeds.  I've done a few in my life.  And I was thinking about those.  But then I got to thinking about stuff that others have done for me.  And I realize that people can be pretty darn nice. 

I personally like the good deeds that I've done that I haven't really told anybody else about.  Like the time I. . .aaaahhhhhh!  Gotcha!  But seriously.  Don't you think those are really the best?  Good deeds are all about paying it forward.  My parents have done some super good deeds (and no I won't name them because they aren't braggers about it.  And in fact, I didn't know about some of the things they've done until I was an adult.  Like in the last couple of years even.)  And so I hope to carry it on for them, and one day I'll tell Joshua so he can do the same.

Now I can tell you some of the things people have done for me that I consider to be above and beyond in kindness.  If we all did stuff like this, not for recognition, but because we all recognize that we are human beings, and we need to be nice to each other, think about where we'd be.  Here are just a very few good deeds that were done for me to show you what I mean.

Grocery Store Lines

This has happened to me several times.  Particularly when Joshua was a baby.  A screaming crying baby.  And I'm at the grocery store.  And I know he's hungry.  And I am doing everything I can to keep him calm and quiet, but it's hard.  I'm struggling.  And guess what?  The person in front of me lets me go first.  And OK, maybe they are doing it so they don't have to hear the fussing, but I still totally consider that a good deed.  I have always been so appreciative of people who have done that for me. 

The Aquarium Coin

When Joshua started preschool last year, we had just gotten back from the Outer Banks.  And while we were there, one of the things we did was go to the North Carolina Aquarium.  They have one of those machines there where you can put 51 cents in, and then you pick a design and it presses the penny into a little keepsake of your time there.  And Joshua wanted to do one.  So I dug through my purse and found 51 cents, and Joshua made a coin.  He was so excited.  So excited in fact, that he wanted to take it to school to share.  And so he put it in his bag and took it to school. 

When he came home, guess what?  No coin.  We looked through his bag again.  Not there.  I asked his teachers about it the next day.  They asked around and looked around, but they couldn't find it.  Joshua was so very disappointed.  So I went on Facebook.  I posted and asked if anyone was going to the Outer Banks, and more specifically, the aquarium, and if they were, could they please bring back one of those coins.  A very lovely couple, Mr. and Mrs. Colavita (lovingly known as Mr. and Mrs. C. to Jamey and me), said they would be going very soon, and that they would be happy to get Joshua a new coin. 

Now let me just tell you.  Mr. and Mrs. C. had no reason at all to go alllllllll the way to the aquarium.  It's a good drive away from their cottage.  And I was afraid (and still am afraid) that they would have to pay to get in just to get a coin.  But they swear they didn't.  They drove all the way from their cottage down to Manteo just to get Joshua his coin.  They say that they explained the situation and the aquarium folks let them in to make the coin.  Two in fact.  But all that time and effort, just to get a coin for a little boy?  So nice.  Joshua was thrilled.  He still has those coins.   THAT is a good deed.

But here is my favorite. . .

Flat Tire

So Jamey and I lived in Texas for a couple of years.  And our first dog, Harley, was there too.  And it was time for Harley's regular checkup.  I did not have a job yet.  Jamey was working, and he was a pretty good drive away from the apartment we were living in when we first moved there. 

 I get in the car and get Harley in the car, and we pull out from the apartment.  It's a short drive from the apartment to the veterinarian's office.  It's raining like gangbusters.  I mean it was some serious rain.  And I have to get on I-20.  Only for a few minutes.  But the traffic on I-20 is hellacious.  And just as I'm gaining speed I hear it.  Thump thump thump thump.  Flat tire.  Are you kidding me?

I pull over.  I am a wreck because I have Harley in the car and I am afraid he'll get out when I get out to change the tire.  So I'm really careful, and manage to get out of the car.  I look at it, and I know I have to change it.  I've never changed a tire in my life.  But I go around to the trunk to get out the spare and the jack thingie, and as I do, I see a car pulling up behind me.  Now I'm nervous.  Who is this?  I see a lady in the passenger side of the car and I can just make out a car seat with a kid in the back, and then a guy gets out of the driver's side.  He comes up to me and says, "Hi.  Get in the car.  I'll change your tire for you." 

I'm like - "What?  I can't let you do that."  And he says, "Absolutely you can.  Please get in."  So I turn and get in the car and I swear it starts raining even harder.  And the guy. . .an absolute stranger. . .changes my tire for me.  I'm in a nice warm car and he's in the cold,cold rain getting absolutely soaked, and he changes my tire.  He comes up to my window when it's done.  I have rummaged in my purse and gathered up all the money I have, which I think was only about $25, but I open the window and try to hand it to him.  And he says, "You are all set.  I don't want your money.  I'd hate it if I knew my wife was on the side of a busy highway in the rain trying to change a tire and no one stopped to help her.  Have a great day."  And I try to yell after him, but he just smiles and waves and then turns back around and gets in the car.  He sits there and I finally roll my window up.  He is waiting for me to drive off.  So I shake my head and get going.  And that was it.

I have no idea who this guy was.  But I am still thankful to him.  How nice was that?  Of course I told Jamey when he got home.  And I could tell that Jamey really appreciated it.  THAT is DEFINITELY a good deed.  Thank you again Texas Tire Dude!

I have more good deeds done for me that I could share.  But let's face it.  I don't have enough room to write them all in here.  You'd be reading for weeks.  Heyyyyyyy. . .maybe that's a whole book idea.  Hmmmmmm. . .  Anyway.

So please. . .let's all start doing good deeds.  Whatever we can.  And not in the spirit of the holiday season that is upon us.  Let's do it because it is the right thing to do.  Because we are all human beings and we all deserve to be treated well.  And let's do them often.  And let's not tell anybody about them.  That's the best kind.  shhhhhhhhh. . .

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