Monday, November 1, 2010

The Trick or Treat Report

Last night was a lot of fun.  I think Joshua may have set a new land speed record.  And he was pooooooped.  Slept great.

Joshua's buddy, Alex, came over to trick or treat with us.  Our neighborhood also has a hot dog roast every year.  So we all headed over there first, and I was thrilled that Joshua ate some macaroni and cheese (under protest till he found out he wouldn't get a cupcake if he didn't).  He also managed to down a whole hotdog before he dug into the cupcakes and other goodies.  I, of course, had about fifteen glasses of the punch.  I love punch.  It was some kind of orange sherbety punch.  Goooooood.

Then we went back to the house, and before the kids left with Jamey and Bart and Dawn and my dad (you can never have enough adult supervision), someone managed to get purple frosting on Quincy.  Who now has a pinkish purple spot on his back.  But I can't be bothered to give him a bath.  I may invite his friend, Jackson, over to take care of it for me.

My mom and I handed out the candy last night.  My favorite conversation was with Caleb, who is the son of my friend, Julie.  Here's how it went:

Caleb - Trick or Treat!

Me - Wow great costume, Caleb!  (Caleb is staring into the bowl of candy and is oblivious that I said that to him.)  

Caleb - Whatcha got in there?

Me - Candy corns and smarties.

Caleb - I love those. (still staring into the bowl.  I'm not sure he realized there was a real person talking to him at this point.  I think he thought it was the candy bowl.)

Me - Oh good.  Here have a bunch. (I whisper the have a bunch comment and put a huge handful in his bag or pumpkin or whatever it was.)

Caleb - Except I don't really like candy corns.  But I like smarties. (Caleb starts whispering too.  And he finally looks up and realizes here that the candy bowl is, in fact, attached to a person.)

Me - (whispering again) Oh well then here, have some more. (I put another handful of just smarties in his bag.)

Caleb - Thank you. (so polite! And still whispering.)

Me - (whispering) You're welcome.

Caleb - (turns to walk away and then turns back a little.  And whispering, says,) Um, why are we whispering?

Me - (still whispering) Cos it's fun.

I think Caleb thought I might have been a little bit crazy.  That's OK, as long as I don't scare him.  I don't know why I found that so amusing.  I guess it was because really I was whispering it to him because I gave him more candy than a lot of the other kids who happened to come up at the same time.  Because I gave the most candy to the kids of the friends I hang out with in the neighborhood.  In fact, another friend's kid, Wil, somehow came by our house twice.  And twice I happily gave him a large handful of candy.  And Wil had a huge grin on his face, especially the second time.  Loved. It.

After the boys got back we sorted through their candy.  I didn't think to tell Joshua that Almond Joys are poison so that I could hold them all out for myself.  I wonder if I could still get away with that today?  In fact, I wonder if he would believe me if I told him that there was a recall on Kit Kats too, and that I'd have to take those away?  I. . .oopsie.  I digress.  Plus you probably all think I'm a horrible parent.  But trust me.  He's got plenty of candy.  Who do you think I gave all our leftover candy corn to?

And now we are looking at the beginning of November.  I can't believe it is here already.  I thought to myself last night as I was stringing up my one pathetic little string of ghost lights that pretty soon, we were going to be hauling out all the Christmas decorations.  And then I thought, didn't I just put those away like a month ago? 

But here it is, November one.  Maybe I should add a counter downer on how many shopping days we have till Christmas.  But seeing how long it took me to figure out how to put a "like" button on my blog, and seeing as I still don't think it's actually working right, I probably won't.  Sorry folks, you're on your own on that one.  Off to the gym today.  I gotta do something to work off all this Halloween candy I know I'm going to be eating in the next week or two!


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