Friday, November 12, 2010

It's a Big Day Tomorrow! I'm So Proud of My Husband!!!!

So it's a big day tomorrow. . .my husband is running his first marathon!  :)

I am so excited for him.  He's wanted to do this for a long, long time.  And also a little bit glad.  He's been totally stressed out this week.  (Sorry honey, but you know it's true.  And I still love you.)  But now, the night before the race, he is almost giddy.  Pre-race high.  It's funny to watch him right now.  I made him a special dinner - chicken, broccoli and pasta.  Poured some spaghetti sauce over it, and sprinkled some cheese over it.  Lovely pre-race dinner.

And now he's getting all his "stuff" ready.  Race belt.  Race Number.  Timing Chip.  Powerade.  Gu. Clothes.  The list just goes on forever.  For anyone who's out on the course tomorrow, his number is 3373.  He will be wearing a yellow sleeveless shirt, black shorts, and black socks.  He's taped "Jamey" to his shirt so people can yell for him.  I hope he gets lots of cheers.  He's hoping to run it in less than four hours.  I'm totally jealous of that time goal.

I will proudly and enthusiastically go out and cheer him on tomorrow.  He has done the same for me - twice.  I have run two marathons.  And he came out both times and cheered me on from several different spots.  So I will be driving around with my friend Rachel from place to place.  Screaming when he runs by.  And then we'll hop in the car and race to the next place to stop and see him.  I am also his "roadside assistance".  I will be holding extra gu's, powerade, body glide (which is NOT what you dirty minds are thinking.  It's stuff to keep you from chaffing!) and whatever else he wants me to take. 

So in honor of the marathon going on tomorrow, I'll tell you how excited I was the first time I ran.

Of course, my BFF, Yvette, came all the way from Texas to run with me.  That meant so much to me.  And we made a pact.  We would cross the finish line together and hold hands.  I was really slow, and I remember I was worried I wouldn't be an official finisher.  Jamey came out and cheered me on along with my mom and his buddy Jeff.  There were several other people out on the course too, and it was really great to have the support.  Then towards the end, around mile 21 or so, Yvette looked over at me, and she said, "You know, even if we walked the rest of the way, you'd be an official finisher."  And I promptly burst into to tears.  I was so excited. 

Then the finish came.  Jamey had assembled a HUGE bunch of people to watch us come into the finishing chute.  And Yvette and I came down the big hill.  And I saw the first couple of people cheering me on, and I started to choke up.  A little further and there were a few more.  And then I was crying.  And then I heard my friend Jennifer, who was helping call out names as they came across the finish line.  I hadn't seen her and hadn't thought about her being there.  And I took off!  I was so excited to see her!!!  And I grabbed her hand and then crossed the finish line and then. . .oopsie.  I missed Jamey.  And the whole crowd of people who had gathered to watch me finish.  Because Jennifer was on the opposite side of the street.  And I forgot to run to the finish line with Yvette and hold hands across the line.  Oops.  I still feel awful about that.  All those people and I totally didn't look.  Sigh.

So tomorrow, if Jamey gets excited and doesn't see me at the finish, I can hardly hold it against him, can I?  Running your first marathon can do some funny things to your head, especially at the end.  I am so happy for him.  I am so proud of him.  I can't wait!

Go Jamey!!!  NUMBER 3373 in the 2010 SunTrust Richmond Marathon!!!


  1. Yay for Jamey!! We will be cheering for him from our germ-infested-house....

  2. she's being nice... I was a wreck yesterday, better today thank God! I loved cheering for Carolyn and can't wait for her to experience the Marathon Training Team for herself. She's my best friend- I love you Little Buddy!


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