Monday, October 18, 2010

A Lesson Learned from the Jman

My blog statistics show that readership is climbing.  So thanks, and keep telling people about my blog!  I appreciate it!

And another quick word - Yvette arrives on Thursday this week.  I am not worried about whether I get to write on my blog while she's here (duh!).  So please check, but if I am out of pocket, I know you all will understand why. . .

OK.  So now for today's post:

Joshua and I took a few minutes away from his quiet time today to watch a pothole being filled across the street from our house.  He was fascinated with all the equipment and the steps it took to repair the road.  However, he was also a little sad when he realized the road would be flat there.  There used to be a bump in the road, caused by a tree root.  How do I know it was a tree root?  Because we arrived just in time to watch them dig it out.  I had to explain to Joshua that they would not patch the road so it would have a bump in it.

He always liked to ride his bike over the bump.  But if you were a driver, you'd curse the bump.  Then when the bump got leveled by the snow plow last year, it became a pothole and as a driver, you'd curse the hole.  It's funny how kids can look at something with pure joy while adults look at them as annoying.

Another example.  I hate rain.  I am sure you could tell that from my post a couple of days ago, when I woke up to it raining, and I had to go to the grocery store in the rain.  Well Joshua doesn't mind the rain.  In the winter, he says it's getting all the flowers ready to bloom.  And in the summer, it's a natural sprinkler (as long as there isn't thunder and lightening accompanying said natural sprinkler). 

Joshua has a pile of scrap lumber that he is constantly making into houses, pirate ships, mazes and any other number of things.  Where does he do this stuff?  In our driveway.  As I drove over yet another pile of wood scraps this morning in my haste to get Jman to school and to my doctor's appointment after that, I secretly cursed the wood.  But Joshua looks at those scraps as an opportunity to create.  Who am I to get in the way of that?  So I leave the wood in the driveway.

We all know I dislike the grocery store, raining or not.  Joshua finds it the perfect time to drive a race car and tell me all kinds of things about his day that I might not have heard about otherwise.

Sometimes I look at Quincy as a big goofy hairball of a dog who makes me slip in my kitchen on the water he's let run out of his mouth after drinking a gallon of water.  Joshua looks at him as his best friend.

To make a long post short?  I need to take my kids viewpoint and make it my own.  I think I'll go in the driveway and make a scrap lumber creation this afternoon.  Thanks for reading. 

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