Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Get Ahead Game


Did I mention I had a fabulous time over the weekend with my BFF?  Oh, I did?  Oopsie.  OK, well I'll just say it one more time.  I really had a great weekend.

So this week is another week of playing catch up for me.  I haven't touched the house since my buddy got here.  I haven't dared to look further into our closet than at what I might have left to wear.  I don't dare look in the direction of the hamper, because I know if I look, I will become instantly discouraged with how much laundry we have to do.  I did finally manage to go to the grocery store today. 

I was supposed to play catch up with housework today, but I got a call to substitute at Joshua's school today.  That was really fun, but I am looking at the house, and I know I have to get this place in shape.  Just so you know.  Because that is where my brain is right now.  Mostly.

And of course, my book looms over my head.  Editing your own work is really hard.  And no one that is any good at it seems to want to take it on without charging me a bazillion dollars.  SIGH.  So that is another thing I must catch up on tomorrow.

Playing catch up is stressful, don't you think?  I seem to play that game a lot.  I wish I played Get Ahead more often.  I mean, I know some people whose Christmas shopping is done.  For like the next three years.  Yikes.  Where do they put all that stuff?  Probably in their really well-organized cabinets and closets.  They are probably already wrapped too.  And the shelves are probably all labeled with one of those really cool label makers. 

I think I just depressed myself. 

But it would be so nice to play the Get Ahead game.  I could have all my Christmas shopping done (for the next three years).  I'd have already bought Joshua's Halloween costumes right after his first Halloween was over.  You know, when they are all $5.  And I'd have already bought him costumes from ages 2-12.  They'd be hanging in his closet all marked with the fancy label maker and hanging in order according to the years he'd wear them. 

I could also always have an empty photo album on hand all the time in the Get Ahead game.  This would be because I immediately put all my photos into an existing album till it's full.  Then I would immediately move on to the next album and wouldn't get behind on putting pictures into their proper place.  Then I'd promptly go out and buy another album so that it would be ready when I fill up the current one.

I'd also buy all of Joshua's clothes at the end of season sales for the years ahead.  Shoot, for that matter, I'd buy Jamey's and my clothes that way.  We'd save a ton of money, and then when Joshua outgrew a size, or Jamey or I had something wear out, we'd just go to the neatly organized and labeled storage closet and pull something out from our labeled shelf or section of hanging clothes.

I'd keep up on the laundry so well that I'd never have to wonder if something is dirty or not. 

I'd. . .oh who am I kidding.  It was nice to fantasize.  Back to reality.  Gotta go up and get a load of laundry so I can start playing catch up.  I think I'll take a small paper bag with me.  It will be either to help me when I start hyperventilating over how much laundry is up there, or it will be to stick over my head and just shut the door to the closet.

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  1. When you figure out how to play the Get Ahead game PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE show me how to play. I'm helplessly behind on every single thing in my life lately. I can't stand it. But I just keep trying to get it all done somehow. And I will....eventually. :-)


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