Friday, October 1, 2010

Book and Music Talk

Well last night was fun.  It ended this morning.  It was somewhere between one and two before I finally went to bed.  I must say I sat down last night to send the recipes to the ladies who came last night and I almost wrote a post after I emailed out the recipes.  After looking back at the email, it's a good thing I didn't!  HA!  It was fun ladies, enjoy the guacamole and truffle recipes!

I am starting to finally take the brave, brave step (for me anyway) of looking into publishing my book.  I think I said it before, but I am going to really look at it starting next week to edit it, correct grammatical/spelling errors etc.  I am also going to have to tighten up some of the dialogue and I think the beginning needs a little work to hook people a little bit sooner maybe?  I don't know.  But I'll work on it anyway!

I looked online and it seems the best thing to do is to try and get an agent.  Isn't that funny?  But you send in a letter and stuff and a synopsis of your story and then they decide from that if they'll read your manuscript.  So I am also going to work on that starting next week.

I didn't intend on coming on here and talking about this, but it is what is flowing out of my fingers today.  I am already itching to start another book that I have an idea for and I'm really excited about it.  Even if I don't get the first one published, I will try again.  But I think I should work on the first one first, don't you?

And now that I've filled you in on my book stuff, can I just say that I love music!?!?  I am sitting here listening to some while I am typing.  I wrote a lot of my book listening to music on my ipod.  And do you know what's really super duper amazing?  Well I'll tell you.  Are you ready?  Cos it is way cool. . .

I am an amazing singer when I am at home by myself singing.  Did you know I can sound exactly like whoever it is I am singing along with?  And no I am not lip synching.  I am really singing.  Like this morning, I sound just like Amy Lee.  I am amazing.  I just hope no one comes to the door.

It kind of stinks because when Joshua came along, I pretty much stopped listening to music.  If I did listen to music it was the classical stuff that was on all the Baby Einstein DVDs. (i.e. Baby Marijuana videos - all three of us would sit there with our mouths hanging open, just staring at the tv while lovely, relaxing music played and different toys would pop up on the screen.  But I digress.)  Then one of my favorite Christian artists, Andrew Peterson, put out an awesome kids cd.  It's called Slugs, and Bugs, and Lullabies.  His intent (and it works) is to listen to silly, high energy songs that the kids can go all out to, and then slowly shift to lullaby music to wind them down before bed.  Love that cd.  Still love it.  However, I have listened to that and only that in the car everywhere we have gone for the past two years.  While I do still love it, I am slightly tired of it.

So I am finally putting on some of my own music in the car now.  Joshua complains sometimes, but dude.  Seriously.  TWO YEARS.  Mommy needs some mommy music.  So he listens to it whether he wants to or not.  And I am getting yet another part of me back from the depths of mommyhood.  And that's really nice. 

I listen to allllllll different kinds of music.  Rock, Country, Christian, Classical.  I like singing to all of it too.  When you have to sing by yourself do you have a nice voice? - might be a question you are asking yourself.  Um, I guess? - is how I'll answer that.  Jamey and I used to sing at our old church sometimes.  And we are, get this, auditioning, to sing at our new church.  I'll let you know whether or not they pass on us - hahaha!  I don't care.  I'll sing and sound just like Amy Lee at home.

I've rambled on enough for today.  I'm  going to go grab my hairbrush and perform a concert for Quincy in the family room for a while now.  Dear God, I hope I remember to shut the curtains.  Have a great weekend, everybody!

PS - tonight is date night.  Woohoooooooo!

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