Friday, October 15, 2010

My BFF. . .

Happy Friday everyone!

Just so you know, I have edited more on my book.  And accidentally wrote a little more of my new book.  I swear it's not more than a couple of pages. . .

My best friend, Yvette, is coming to visit me next week.  On Thursday.  I'm terribly excited.  She lives in Texas.  We used to only see each other once a year.  But then we decided a couple of years ago that we should up that to twice a year.  So that's what we are doing now.  I mean, when you are best girlfriends, and you live very far away from each other, it's practically illegal.  At least it should be.

When she comes up here, I get to do a bunch of my favorite things.  Our typical day goes like this:  we get up.  We start the coffee.  We deal with the kiddies if necessary.  We drink our coffee.  We take the kids to school.  We go exercise.  We drink more coffee.  We eat snacks and chat in our stinky gym clothes forever.  We deal with the kiddies again if necessary.  We finally shower and either make a meal or go out to dinner.  Of course, at dinner, wine is involved.  And then we eat dessert.  We come home and chat some more.  Then we go to bed.  Repeat the following day.

This time will be a little different when she comes to visit, because Jamey isn't going to take off work.  Plus he is running the marathon.  So it will be a little more time with Jman in the mix.  But we will still have the evenings and all.  I am just glad she is able to come and visit.

Jamey always says that we are two peas in a pod.  I believe that is true.  Best friends usually are two peas in a pod.  She and I have just always "gotten" each other.  We have similar likes and dislikes.  We are extremely goofy together.  She is one person that I always feel comfortable around.  Like I can completely let my hair down all the time around her.  It is a nice feeling.  I hope everybody has at least one person like that in their lives.

I have a funny story on the way we ended up being best friends.  We lived in the same apartment complex for a while.  We were pretty good friends then.  But then, Yvette and her husband, Mark, moved to Texas for her job.  We helped them pack up their truck and they left town.  Literally, the next day while they were on the road and we couldn't reach them, we found out we were getting transferred to the same part of Texas where they were headed!  I called them when they finally got into town, and we told them.  They helped us get an apartment down there.  That's really when we became super best friends of all time.  Then when they bought their house, we bought one just down the street from them.  I still wonder if they think we were stalking them. . .

I think that story can just show you how God can look at people and say, "Now those two need to be friends.  What?  One's moving to Texas?  Well, let me just fix that up for the other person. . .there we go.  Now they'll be best friends forever."  I am sure God put Yvette in my life.  And I'm so glad!

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