Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Need a Real Hostess Hat

Oh dear it is rainy again today.  But you know what is making my morning better?

Coffeeeeeeeeeee.  I love coffee.  It almost always makes me feel better.  And this coffee makes me feel even better because it's peppermint mocha coffee.  The only coffee that makes me feel even better comes in a lovely little paper cup with a top on it.  And even though it costs a million dollars a cup, I still like it and it is the best coffee because it is from Starbucks and it is all pretty and lovely and yummy.

Do you wonder if I have cleaned my house yet?  Well - not really.  I have cleaned parts of it.  I think I am putting it off yet again.  Why do I do this to myself?  The good news is, since it's my BFF, she won't care whether the house is clean or not.  Her room is clean though and also just got lovely fresh sheets put on the bed, because my mom stayed in there when we were at the Boar's Head Inn.  I will hopefully gets some flowers and a little treat to put in there too for her.

Her bathroom has an assortment of new bath soaps, shampoo and conditioner, and some sort of little facial soap in a little basket.  It's cute.  And the bathroom is pretty well clean.  But unfortunately, she has to share with my four year old. (Why couldn't we have a house that has bedrooms all with their own private bathrooms?  Oh yes, we aren't rich. . .how silly of me to have forgotten that one slightly important point.)

By tomorrow, I will have a bottle of nice red wine that we can share.  And I will have her favorite coffee in my house, plus all the little snacks and stuff I know she likes to have around.  I think I might make either a coconut creme pie or a coconut cake too.  She and I both like coconut, and Jamey and Joshua don't.  Such a shame for them. (NOT

Can you tell I like to pamper my BFF?  After all, she is coming here to get away from it all.  Well to get away from most everything.  She still has to have a kid around, but I wouldn't make Jman go away.  So yes, I do like to pamper her.  But really, I like to pamper any house guest we have.  I enjoy being hostess.  I always have.  I think I would make a great bed and breakfast owner.  Unfortunately, you have to have a really big house in a quaint little town.  We live in Richmond, which I wouldn't exactly call quaint, and our house, though I love it and think it is a great house, is not a great-big beautiful house.  Plus there is the whole bedrooms with private bathrooms thing I mentioned earlier. . .

I even like playing hostess when it comes to dinner guests.  I love cooking, so I guess that is part of it.  I love serving my guests  and chatting and making sure everyone has enough to eat and drink etc.  Same for parties.  I really should throw more parties. We had an anniversary party/Christmas party last year (we got married on December 14th), and it was so much fun.  Yes.  Definitely more parties.

So I am glad Yvette will be here tomorrow!!!!!!!  I can put on my hostess hat (I really need to find one.  Any ideas, anybody?) and have a great time with my BFF.  I will try to write a post tomorrow if I am not too crazed with last minute preparations (i.e. - cleaning because I finally look around and see how much dust and Quincy hair there really is.)  I think I'll go clean now since I know I will be panicked tomorrow.  

Nah.  I'm gonna go get another cup of coffee. 


  1. without a doubt, your hostess hat should be a TIARA!

  2. HA! Miss Margaret, I miss you! I still have that tiara! And I DO wear it whenever possible!


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