Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Shortest Post Ever - BECAUSE IT'S BFF ARRIVAL DAY!!!!

I know I know I know!!!!!  I should be finishing up getting ready for Yvette's visit!  But I just wanted to pop on here real quick and say hi.

I have a cake in the oven.  Hopefully it will be a lovely coconut cake.  It won't be ready though, till at least tomorrow.  Maybe Saturday.  You have to let it chill in your fridge.  The longer you chill it, the better it tastes.  I know I have just disappointed a couple of people.  Sorry girls, but you WILL have some.  You must be patient. . .
The house is fairly clean.  Well clean enough.  My buddy's room is all bee-yoo-tee-mus.  I still would like to get some flowers for her room.

I had a friend drop me by a couple of magazines and the Sunday paper because of one of my earlier posts.  Thank you, Brenna!  That made my morning.  Now if only I can have you surreptitiously slip in a couple real estate books from time to time without Jamey finding out.

I don't know if I will post while my buddy is here.  I am sure you all understand.  But I promise to tell you all about our visit once she's gone.  And you never know, I may be able to find a moment to write a quick post. 

I hope everyone has wonderful weekends.

Sorry, but since you all know I totally procrastinated till about 10 minutes ago, I have to run.  Lots to do!

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